Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vegan Oreo Truffles

These are probably one of my favourite things to make for the holidays. They take minimal ingredients and I only get mildly annoyed with the chocolate dipping.

I can't really take credit for this recipe, but if you are anti-clicking on links, basically you take a mashed up bag of Oreos and mix with vegan cream cheese. (I used Tofutti). Then you roll them into balls and dip them in chocolate. I chill mine a bit first to make them easier to work with.

You can make endless creations. Pre-dairy-free days, my favourite was regular Oreos dipped in white chocolate with crushed candy cane sprinkled on top.

This time around I opted for regular Oreos with vegan chocolate chips with a smidgeon of mint extract and gingerbread Oreos with vegan chocolate chips

Both versions are delicious. Next time I might add a bit of coconut oil to the chocolate so it is easier to work with.

If you are worried that all of this seems to simple, click the links to prove I'm not lying. I've included vegan and non-vegan links:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A year later

So, I've been a vegetarian for over a year now. Things haven't always been easy but I have been lucky to be surrounded by supportive friends and family.

The dairy-free thing is a bigger struggle. I don't often get it right. I keep trying though. Overall, I would say that I'm a lot healthier and way more open-minded to 'weird' food...and as a result I feel better and have found some new favourites.

Going forward, I will continue to try to be dairy-free. I will continue to veganize recipes, even though I'm not vegan. I will make better consumer and ethical purchases.

For the blog, I would like to return to more regular posting again...and for December this will likely happen because I will be doing a lot of Christmas baking.

I would also like to do more product reviews and start doing the wrap-ups again. So, if you stick around, I will be here.

Happy reading!