Saturday, August 10, 2013

The food at the Resort

Some of the best food I have *ever* eaten was served at the Rendezvous Resort in St. Lucia. There was always vegetarian options at meals and at snack times. They weren't always vegan or dairy-free, but, for the most part, I was able to find options to meet my needs.

I did make honest mistakes occasionally. For example, I didn't read all of the ingredients in my favourite drink for the first couple of days. I had skimmed over the 'milk' part and then wondered why I had headaches those days. Once I figured that out, I transitioned to an almost-as-good tropical drink choice. However, it seemed that I most frequently consumed water which was noticed by guests and staff alike. This resulted in one guest guessing that I was an addictions counsellor and in staff automatically bringing me a water when they served my husband a beer.

Back to the food....we really enjoyed the buffet options. There was always so much choice that we had mixed feelings when the buffet became an a-la-carte. The food served on a-la-carte meals was always excellent but there was (understandably) less choice.

We went to the super-fancy restaurant once. Prior to this, I met with the chef to discuss my food issues and he informed that he would prepare a special menu and to let staff know upon arrival. I felt like a pain in the ass with this and my husband thought I would have issues since I wouldn't have control over the food. He underestimates me. It was nice to put my trust in someone else and be surprised with my meal. And the staff....they were amazing. I was approached by multiple members of the wait staff to make sure I was enjoying my meal. And these were genuine inquiries so it made me feel like less of a pain in the ass because I was able to rave about how awesome the food was.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this vacation. St Lucia is beautiful. The resort is fantastic, and the staff were amazing. We were waited on hand and foot. If we wanted to be lazy, we had beach bar service without getting up. And there were so many fun activities to enjoy (volleyball, beach bowling, archery, walks, bike rides, yoga, snorkeling, etc etc etc). There were no issues finding shade or food to eat. We've decided that we will go back someday and we encourage anyone to check out this resort.

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