Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crap I've tried

Typically I use the home-made deodorant but I recently put in an order from well.ca and needed to add something to it to qualify for free shipping. I decided I wanted to try the salt-rock deodorant thing again because there will likely be times that it is more convenient to use.

It's something my sister had me try years ago. I was satisfied with it until I dropped the rock into the sink and it became all jagged-like and slightly unpleasant to use. So, I purchased this. It's the same thing, just with the stone inside a more typical deodorant container thing. This makes it much handier to use and reduces the chances of it breaking into lovely little shards. (Nothing says feeling fresh like running a jagged rock on your armpits).

Moving on.....I've noticed this week that I am becoming increasingly sensitive to dairy. My usual routine consists of having milk and a sweet-treat as my evening snack. I have since switched to almond milk. I previously blogged about Daiya and how it wasn't super fantastic (IMO) so I'm still doing the cheese thing. I was looking for other non-dairy products to try and came across So Delicious Coconut Almond Bars. They are pretty good. Sure, I'd prefer something like a Rolo ice cream bar but since it would likely come with bloating and general feelings of ickiness, it probably wouldn't be my first choice (anymore)...especially since my husband would probably be like, 'see, that's why you shouldn't eat dairy'. And then he would enjoy said dairy treat while sitting across from me. He's awesome that way.


  1. lol @ "running a jagged rock on your armpits" too freakin funny

    as a milk alternative to drink - plain almond milk is not so yummy but chocolate almond milk is super yummy. I am also not a fan of the plain Almond milk in my cereal or tea/coffee. I haven't branched out to try other alternatives though.
    Another reason to find milk alternatives is that milk products often contain Carrageenan which studies have shown not to be good for humans. The almond milk brand that doesn't have that in it is Silk. That is my mini-lesson for the day :)

  2. I've been buying Almond Breeze (vanilla unsweetened and chocolate unsweetened). I am able to drink it 'straight' and in *some* coffees. I haven't yet tried it in cereal because I'm worried that I won't like it.

    Is Silk easy to find?