Monday, February 4, 2013

The Week's Plan

Now that I'm cooking more, I do more of the meal planning. And by 'more' I mean this is actually a new thing for our house. Before, I'd call my husband before heading home and ask him what he was cooking for us, and he'd never tell me. I don't miss that. The new routine consists of discussing what meals we both want during the week and then figure out together 'when' they would happen. Roughly.

Sunday & Monday: stuffed peppers. I changed it up this time by using couscous instead of rice.
Tuesday (and maybe Wednesday): Tofu souvlaki on a pita
Thursday: spaghetti for the husband and spaghetti squash something for me
Friday: who knows. The reality is that the plan changes throughout the week so we'll see as it gets closer.

For lunches....(everything usually has a side of fruit or veggies)
Monday: left over loaded baked sweet potato
Tuesday: ants on a log, maybe some crackers, pudding
Wednesday: left over stuffed peppers (since I couldn't finish Sunday's portion)
Thursday: see Tuesday
Friday: usually lunch out, but if not I might have a raisin cinnamon flat bread with tahini and trail mix. I'm kind of hoping we don't go out for lunch. :)

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