Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 3 Dairy-Free

So, I'm on day three. Thus far, it hasn't been so bad. I felt kind of gross day 1 and had a migraine day 2 but no struggles in figuring out what to eat....except at breakfast. Yesterday I had cereal with Silk almond milk. It was yummy. Unfortunately, I ran out and only have Almond Breeze (which I can't imagine tasting right on cereal).

I stopped after work to get more Silk and explore other breakfast options but left disappointed. Then I went to Tim Hortons and ordered a coffee with a flavour shot, no milk, and a bit of sugar. This was also disappointing. And I didn't win anything on the Roll up the Rim. Boo.

This weekend will likely bit a bit more of a challenge with avoiding dairy. Tomorrow we are having a work-lunch out. I have called ahead to check on three potential options. My first two got ruled out pretty quickly and I got a bit nervous. But apparently the pizza crust is dairy-free so I will be having a veggie pizza, no cheese. I'm only slightly disappointed.

And then my husband suggested we go out for supper this weekend and his top pick doesn't have an online menu. I'm procrastinating on calling them. On the plus side, being ovo-vegetarian is forcing me out of my ignore-the-public comfort zone. Yay for that.

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