Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dairy 1, tijya 0

Boo to dairy.

Earlier this week I crossed the finish line of the dairy-free elimination diet and landed (super excitedly) into testing phase. I decided I missed cheese the most, so started with that. Dr. Google suggested that I eat dairy three times and then wait a few days. So, I had two very small servings of Havarti cheese throughout the course of the day. And then I celebrated with nachos later.

This entry was supposed to have a picture of my nachos too. But I was so excited that I forgot to take the picture. Please feel free to imagine a small place of nachos with yummy melted cheese on top.

Immediately after eating the cheese, I felt a bit of a high. I realize that this was all in my head but that's exactly how excited I was.

And then the headache hit. Now, it wasn't awful  but it is noteworthy. Since then, I have also had a bit of an acne breakout and stomach upset that I hadn't experienced since week one of the elimination phase.

Overall, I'm not happy. If I'm reacting this way to cheese, I likely will need to avoid all direct-dairy products. I'm thinking I will be able to get away with food with some dairy in them (like muffins).

But, I'm not done testing yet. I'm a sucker for punishment and have a few other items to try.

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