Thursday, March 21, 2013

Observations and dairy-free results

So, I'm (almost) four months into vegetarianism and one month mostly dairy free. I definitely have more energy and I'm not as winded when I do physical activity. I've also lost a tiny bit of weight. I do plan on amping things up on the exercise front and I'm trying to reduce the amount of wheat/gluten I eat so I expect the positive changes to continue.

I have tested a few different dairy items with not-so-fun results. It turns out that while my taste buds like dairy, the rest of my body does not. Nothing says fun like headaches, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, and general ickiness.

And yet, I've gone back and forth on what happens next. I figured I would avoid all direct dairy products and be a little more relaxed with everything else. But then I ask myself 'why'?

Before all of this dairy-free stuff started, I was moving towards limiting dairy anyway for ethical reasons. And the thing is, my ethical values haven't changed. The dairy industry is awful in terms of animal cruelty and it isn't an industry I want to support.

I am glad that I did a dairy elimination experiment. I learned that I *can* live without dairy and that I will feel better for it. And I can make the link between cause and symptoms which will make it easier to skip the cheese.

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