Saturday, March 16, 2013

Green Beaver Makeup Remover

I am slowly replacing all of my Almay products because (IMO) they are technically no longer cruelty-free since they sell to markets that require animal testing. I'm not a wasteful person, so I didn't throw everything out and am instead replacing products as they run out.

The first item to replace was makeup remover. I had been using Almay's makeup remover pads and I have recently tried Green Beaver's Eye Makeup Remover.

While I like the convenience of Almay's pads, Green Beaver works a lot better at removing my stubborn waterproof mascara. It seems gentle on my skin and does not sting even when I smash it into my eye.

The only not-so-great part is the price. I bought Green Beaver off of for $13.00 versus Almay's pads for $7.59. However, in time I will find out if the Green Beaver lasts longer than what I would get out of the pads (approx 5 weeks).

Unless I decide to try some other product next time, I do like Green Beaver enough for this product to become a regular. The product itself works really welll.....*and* it's cruelty-free, vegan, Canadian, and all natural. Take that Almay!

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