Sunday, March 3, 2013


This morning I made vegan flourless chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and I made vegan muffins but those were from a mix and so they don't count. Back to the cookies...mine didn't turn out perfectly. And before they went into the oven I figured it was another failed attempt of vegan baking, which is kind of frustrating because I am a good baker. I guess I just need butter and eggs. Or more practice at this vegan baking thing.

However, the cookies do taste mostly good and I am pretty sure of where I went wrong, so I will make them again down the road. I don't know what they are supposed to be like, but mine are *very* dense with a super chocolate-y and peanut buttery flavour. They definitely taste better than they look. And the husband test came back that they are 'good and better than last week's brownies' (which is pretty good considering he ate all of those brownies without any help from me).

Tonight I am going to try to make vegetarian 'chicken' balls and fried rice. With some vegetables. I will post the results later in the week. Later this week I may also post my review of new-to-me beauty products.

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