Thursday, March 7, 2013


So, I'm over two weeks in to the no-dairy thing. Overall I do feel better. It has been somewhat difficult to eat out and as a result I have likely eaten a few dairy items unintentionally. (For example, work lunch this week was at Pizza Hut. I had salad, pizza with cheese scraped off, and a macaroni dish with cheese picked out).

I noticed less difference the first week but am now overall feeling less bloated. The not great thing is that it hasn't helped with the migraines. My co-worker has lent me a book that indicates that it may actually be a gluten problem and that gluten problems can cause sensitivity to dairy. Anyway, I burnt the book* and am trying to erase the knowledge from my memory since gluten-free is not something I want to face.

*Ok, I didn't really burn the book since it's a borrowed book. However I wanted to burn the book. I have managed to bend a few pages in my travels and a corner might be bunny-chewed.

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