Friday, March 29, 2013

tijya in the kitchen

I've titled this 'tijya in the kitchen' because it seemed friendlier than 'I suck in the kitchen', especially since I typically don't suck that much. Stay tuned for ongoing segments of tijya in the kitchen.Today's installment is below.

I have big plans for my four day weekend. And so far, things are not going as planned. Today's agenda:
  1. Make Vegan Cadbury Creme Eggs (hardening as we speak)
  2. Make Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies (Attempt #2 slightly better than attempt #1). Attempt #3 will consist of eating peanut butter straight from the jar followed by a mouthful of chocolate chips. Less work *and* less clean-up. I will save that for another day though.
  3. Make Vegan Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies (based off the above recipe). I decided to be lazy and use a box mix...'cause that can't go wrong. Right? Well, welcome to my kitchen. It seemed that they weren't baking through, so I left them in the oven significantly longer than the box said. And now they are less like brownies and more like tooth chippers. They are kind of hard. So much so that I'm not sure the pan can be saved.
I'm persistent though, so I'm on brownie attempt # 2 based on a recipe found on All Recipes. It's great so far. My favourite part is that it calls for a different size of pan, which means I can leave the other pan soaking in the sink (brownies and all) for my husband to clean. Nothing says "I'm glad you are home" like handing him a dish cloth. He's going to be really excited.

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