Saturday, March 9, 2013

Off-topic kitchen failure

Today is my husband's birthday. And I'm a horrible wife. I remembered it but didn't get him anything because he didn't give me ideas. Instead, I offered to take him out for supper and to pay for skiing tomorrow (if he goes). I figure that's not so bad, right?

We went out for supper, and I was pleasantly surprised by the ovo-vegetarian choices. I had been avoiding this restaurant since they don't have an online menu but it all worked out.

After supper, we came home and had plans to have the already baked cake-mix cake. We both prefer cake-mix cakes. They are moist and yummy. And typically, I make chocolate cake-mix cake with pre-made chocolate icing. I go all out, I know. Anyway, this year I had to get a white butter cream pre-made frosting because of the whole dairy-free thing.

This was a bad idea. I'm not a cake person. Mine never look pretty. They are typically lopsided. I just consider it a success if the icing doesn't get too many crumbs in it. Chocolate frosting is much better at hiding the crumbs than white butter cream frosting on chocolate cake.

As I was frosting it, I was laughing and warned my husband of the awful mess of a cake. He couldn't see it and promised that he wouldn't judge. He lied.

Yes, this *is* the finished product
In defense of the finished project, my husband was rushing me to get it ready. And he was slightly drunk...which seemingly has no impact on *my* icing ability....but, uh....Just pretend that it does.

Plus side? I've now ruled-out professional cake decorator as my career back-up plan. Phew. One less thing to consider!

Also, I'm a horrible wife because I forgot to sing happy birthday to him until he was finished his piece. But, hey, when I remembered I did sing with a lot of enthusiasm. It was just very out of tune.

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