Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Comment Review

Until I have a crazy large readership (ha!), I figure it would be nice to reply to comments in a separate post to make it easy for the one person writing comments. And in doing so, hopefully guilting others into writing comments too.

  1. A request for the mushroom recipe related to the picture posted on Wrap-up. Well, it's one of my non-recipes. Basically, I chopped up some onion and fried it. Then I made a sauce using two types of BBQ sauce, ketchup, and maple syrup. Then I added that to the onions and heated it a bit. I had my husband grill the mushroom for three minutes gill side down. Then he flipped it over, added the sauce/onion combo, and grilled for another seven. It was pretty good. In the future I may add some cut up faux chicken or something to it to bulk it up as a meal. Hmm. Maybe this should have been a separate post even if it is a non-recipe.
  2. Was the tomato quesadilla soggy? Nope. I choose tomatoes that are slightly under ripe and just use the end pieces in things like sandwiches. It reduces the juice/soggy factor. Generally, because I don't like tomatoes, the rest of the tomato tends to rot in the fridge. This is something I'm working on. I always have the intention to use the remaining tomato in sauces or force guests to use them on their burgers.
  3. Yes, my bunnies are especially cute these days. Well, actually, they are always cute. I'm just taking more time to enjoy them in photos.
  4. Yes, Miessence foundation should be magical at the price I paid. Unfortunately, it is not. (comment from: Miessence Review)
  5. No, they do not look like ovaries. But they also don't look like muffins. (comment from Pancake Puffs)
Alright. There you go. Keep the comments coming....especially for the Peanut Butter Treat Thing. It really needs a much better name.

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