Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekly wrap up

Things have been kind of crazy around here. I haven't done much in terms of new recipes. I've just been trying to get through each day with some sanity left over.

I have big plans for the day. I've already made pancakes and cookies (from a mix). I'm prepping my cheeze sauce for my macaroni casserole tomorrow. Later I will whip up more mock tuna salad and then do dinner prep.

In non-cooking stuff, I hope to have a chance to prep my blog for the week, prepare for some work stuff, finally finish a book so I can give it back to my coworker, maybe go for a walk....I guess I will just see how the day plays out.

(Some) Stuff I Ate

Eggplant parm
Mock tuna
The mock tuna is super easy and is good enough for me. Essentially, it's smooshed up chickpeas with some mayo (next time it will be Vegenaise now that I have some), some Tofutti sour cream, and some relish. Oh, and celery to give it a bit of a crunch flavour. I use this mixture as a sandwich spread or a dip.

Of course I had a few other things, but they are going to get a separate post.


Stuff I want to Eat

  • A mash up of my usual casserole and a mac & cheeze
  • Stuff portabella mushroom burger
  • Green smoothies
  • Overnight vegan oatmeal
  • And I can't remember what else is on the meal plan


In the Rest of My Life

  • I helped a family member move closer to me. Yay. :)
  • I'm still reading the same books but have a plan to finish at least one soon. It's gorgeous out today, which means it is a hammock day.
  • On my radar: Easy Vegan Nutella, and Vegan Mocha Frappuccino;  and of course, a bunch of books to add to my "I will never actually read because life doesn't stand still" list.
I almost forgot the bunnies!

Naveen, sunning
Zayne, sunning

Behr, chilling

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