Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wrap up

So, here we go.

(Some) Stuff I Ate:

Gluten-free dairy-free
Espresso Cheesecake
 from Sweets from the Earth
Garden strawberries
I got kind of lazy with the camera this week so I only have two pictures to share. We also had stir-fry and stuffed peppers. And obviously a few other things, like Oreos.

I continue to have mock-tuna salad and bean salad for work lunches.

Stuff I want to Eat

This week is calling for gross sticky hot weather so we don't have much of a food plan. Basically, if we can BBQ it, we may eat it. And if I'm feeling ambitious we may have Naan pizza. I won't be doing any baking, which kind of sucks.

In the rest of my life:

  • I'm still reading (but progressing very quickly through) It's Kind of a Funny Story, Little Bee, and Escape from Camp 14
  • My to-read list is out of control. It has 96 titles on it. And that doesn't include the stuff that never made it to the list but is already waiting on my Kindle.
  • And that's it.
  • What to expect in the blog this week: Comment Review (a new feature to promote comment writing!) and hopefully a review of something

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