Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wrap up

I had planned to get so much more done this weekend than what actually happened. I have a feeling this week will fly by (fingers crossed!) and before I know it, I will have another weekend to stuff full with all of the stuff I still want to do plus all of the stuff that I didn't do last weekend.

(Some) Stuff I Ate

Grilled Portabella Mushroom,
stuffed with BBQ sauce
 and fried onion
Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies
 (from a mix but oh so good!)

Tomato Quesadilla with hummus
and Vegenaise

Cauliflower Steak. Next time I would
 marinate the cauliflower and
 use a different sauce.








Stuff I want to Eat

  • Veggie dog and bean salad
  • More mock tuna salad
  • Peanut Butter Treat Thing (recipe to follow)
  • Stuffed peppers (we didn't get to them last week)
  • Stir fry

In the Rest of My Life

  • I FINISHED SOME BOOKS! I enjoyed Eating Animals. It was a hard read sometimes, but I found it more impactful than the Earthlings documentary. I mostly enjoyed The Dovekeepers but I would have gotten more out of it if I had focussed on this one book instead of reading three at a time. And I also finished A Fraction of the Whole. It was ok.
  • I'm now reading It's Kind of a Funny Story (coworker recommendation), Escape from Camp 14, and another one that I can't remember right now.
  • Tested but not blogged: Vegan Caesar Salad. It was ok. But I would probably skip it next time. I found the dressing tasted too much like tahini and my husband found that it was bland. Way to have conflicting reviews! 
  • Coming up: Peanut Butter Treat Thing recipe
And the bunnies:

Grumpy Zayne using her stuffed
cow as a pillow
Naveen, Behr, & Zayne.
That's almost a snuggle pile,
and yet they tell me they
don't like each other

1 comment:

  1. your vegan food always looks yummy. the mushroom looks especially good. you should post the recipe.
    also was the tomato quesadilla soggy? I find cooked tomato not so appetizing for that reason
    and your bunnies seem especially cute lately