Saturday, June 22, 2013


Things kind of suck for me right now. I have learned that my contract at work will not be extended and I'm about to have a lot of free time on my hands. This sucks because I love my job and life is much easier when you are bringing in a paycheck.

I'm not 'over' the shock of it yet, but I am trying to tell myself that things will figure themselves out. At least I finally know. I had five days left of the contract and hadn't yet received an answer! And I had been walking on eggshells trying to be the best employee for the past few months, when really, I think the decision had already been made.

So, ya, at least I know. And I can prepare for the good things, like:
  • spending more time with my niece and sister when they visit
  • having more time to read
  • having more time to get all of the Christmas knitting projects done
  • finding time to work on the niece's scrapbook
  • having more time to blog
  • having the opportunity to pursue other options
  • no longer feeling 'too busy' to exercise
  • uh, time off in the summer when I've had no official vacation for three years? That's kind of awesome
  • finding time to volunteer
  • feeling less overwhelmed. I won't have to rush home, make supper, wash dishes, clean the rabbits, and look for a job (since I was doing that daily anyway)

I realize that some things are still going to suck, but maybe by making this list I can refer back to it in the dark moments and see how this could be a good thing.

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