Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pancake Puffs

So, these look nothing like the original recipe. They are supposed to be cute little pancakes in muffin shape. Mine look more like balls because they put up a fight to stay in the muffin tin.

In the moment, I vowed I wouldn't make them again. But really, they are pretty good. And they were much easier to get out of the pan once they had cooled a bit.

Naturally, I made some changes to the recipe. I added half of an apple, 1 tbs brown sugar, reduced the maple syrup to 1 tbs, and added a tbs of chia seeds. My husband said they are pretty good, except the chia seeds make them crunchy.

Uh, really dear? I'm eating the same recipe and I haven't had any crunch at all. I attribute his complaint to him being a reluctant food-tester with distrust of all things vegan.

1 comment:

  1. they look like ovaries. i will eat them though if you make them for me :P and I will even avoid making crunchy comments :P