Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chocolate Mousse

This weekend I wanted to make something new. So, I went through my pins (on Pinterest) and asked my husband to pick between a few different options. He chose mousse. Had he known that it meant using the blender for the fourth time this week, he might have selected differently because he hates washing the blender. Because I'm nice, I washed it for him. (as a way to procrastinate on the garden prep work).

I followed the recipe for the most part....except I didn't toast the coconut and I used almond milk. I was upfront with my husband and warned him about the tofu, mainly because I figured he was on to me at the grocery store when he complained that I was buying *more* tofu. I told him it was different but I don't know that he believed me. Anyway, he was game for the treat despite the tofu. His awesomeness in this area made up for today's annoyingness in other areas. Mostly.

Overall, it turned out pretty good. The texture is nice and smooth. There's a sweetness to it but it isn't overpowering. The original recipe said that it would yield 6-8. I divided it up into 11 portions because I found a little bit goes a long way. It only slightly bothered me that 11 is not an even number (but I told myself that my taste-testing along the way was portion number 12 so it really was even after all). Ya, I'm a bit weird sometimes.

Anyway. Let's move on. What isn't quite right (in my opinion) is that this mousse is *much* thicker than a typical mousse. So much so that I'm considering popping it into the freezer and relabelling it ice cream. Either way, this is something I would make again.

Oh. so. yummy!

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