Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello summer!

So far, this has been a fantastic long weekend. It's been warm, but not scorching hot. And we've been able to get a lot done.

For example, the garden is in! We planted: kale, lettuce, carrots, hot peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, beans, peas, parsley, onion, and potatoes. We will also be expecting some strawberries and raspberries. And then there's the rhubarb but that is not appealing to us.

Last year we didn't get to eat any of the kale because there was a garden thief in rabbit form that kept getting to it first. We planted the kale on the edge this year to make it easier for the garden thief and to try and keep it out of the rest of the garden.

But really, we'd be ok with the garden thief eating the kale, lettuce, parsley, and carrots - as long as there it leaves some for the house bunnies.

We also managed to enjoy some of the day yesterday with a fire, s'mores, and a drink. It's the perfect time of year because it was chilly enough that the bugs weren't out but warm during the day.

Unfortunately, I got a bit too chilled and needed a lot of blankets to get warm once I went to bed (fuzzy sheets, a comforter, a super warm throw, a semi-warm throw, and a super duper thick suffocating blanket).

I didn't have 'traditional' s'mores due to the gelatin thing in marshmallows. Instead, I bought myself Marshmallow Fluff. It doesn't have gelatin, although it does have dried egg whites - so it doesn't entirely get my stamp of approval.

Anyway, I used that, along with some dark chocolate and graham crackers. And a new little contraption thing to toast the s'mores over the fire.

And the drink....was a revisit of last weeks s'mores alcohol. This week I didn't even attempt to drink it straight. I checked out some mix suggestions and settled on Dr. Pepper. It was pretty good. I also fancied up the rim with Marshmallow Fluff, chocolate syrup, and graham cracker crumbs.

Now we're on the last day of our long weekend. We plan to get some spring cleaning done. I should make a tiny bean salad....and then I hope to spend some time outside reading. Oh, and I have one work thing to do. It's looking like my car isn't getting cleaned this weekend. Oh well.

Alright. Enough with the procrastinating. My husband has started cleaning. It's best to move from the couch and pitch in. Right after breakfast, of course.

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