Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up (x2)

Going away for a weekend and coming back to no internet kind of messes things up on the blogging front. Then add in a boring two weeks with not much to share....well, you get the idea. But, here I am.

In some ways, the past two weeks have a been a bit calmer. But I haven't had the chance to try out many new recipes or take many pictures of anything.

I have grand plans for the weekend. We spent yesterday cleaning out the bunnies and doing some shopping. Today, I hope to do some baking, cleaning, gardening, reading, and knitting. It sounds like a busy day.

But no busy day should start without a little procrastination. Right?

(Some) Stuff I Ate

Grilled veggie wrap.
Not so great with eggplant.
A bean salad on top of regular salad
S'mores Vodka!
Ok, so one of the items pictured isn't food. It's a drink pretending to be food. But I think it still deserves a place in my blog.

If you can't tell, the glass is pretty tiny. I had to smash the ice cube a bit to get it to fit. Anyway, it's rimmed with a bit of chocolate syrup and then dipped in graham cracker crumbs. At 35% alcohol and 70 proof, it's a bit much for this lightweight. However, if I were to mix it with something, it may just be tame enough that I can have more than a sip without getting tipsy. Maybe.

Stuff I Want to Eat

In the rest of my life

  • You know those artichoke hearts that I wanted to buy 2 weeks ago, but they were expired? They are *still* in the refrigerator section of my grocery store. I think I need a new grocery store. One that doesn't try to sell things that expired 16 days ago.
  • I spent more time outside with the bunnies
  • I finished reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking (it's interesting)
  • I'm still reading A Fraction of the Whole  (it's huge!) and The Dovekeepers
  • I've started reading Eating Animals
  • On my radar: Chocolate pancakes
  • I will likely post about the granola bars and/or mousse later this week, in case you are wondering how they turned out

Zayne looking grumpy (with chicken
Behr in the carrier hiding from the *evil* grass)

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