Friday, April 5, 2013

Oh the cravings, part 2

A while ago I posted about my craving for cheese. I survived this craving by eating pancakes. Yep, it seems that pancakes are a cheese replacement. I don't get it either and I don't see it working in all scenarios (ie, veggie pizza topped with pancake).

Today's craving is for Tim Horton's goodness. I would do almost anything for a mocha and donut (or cinnamon roll). Well, almost anything. It seems that I'm too impatient and refuse to fight with traffic for this particular craving...despite the fact that the craving has tortured me all afternoon.

The idea of any other food is actually turning my stomach....including cheese and chocolate. I am taking a moment to appreciate that (considering we have boat loads of cheese in the fridge and Easter chocolate in the cupboard)....I have never been grossed out by cheese or chocolate before. Well, maybe mouldy cheese. I don't know that chocolate can ever be nasty.

Anyway, this craving was causing a predicament. First of all, it's ridiculously challenging to have a craving for something that will make you feel awful. And second of all, what do you have for supper when food is turning you off?

The plan was spaghetti squash spaghetti. But as I was getting out of my car, I had visions of peanut butter & crackers. Now, I wasn't sure if the crackers were dairy-free so I was careful not to latch on to this particular craving. But they *are* dairy-free....which made me crazy-happy and killed the carby-dairy craving.

But I still don't get the connection between:

cheese craving = pancake satisfaction     
carby dairy craving = peanut butter & crackers satisfaction

Maybe I will figure it some day and it will actually be the secret of life or something. Or maybe I will never figure it out and just live happily ever after. Either way, the monster is tamed (for this short moment in time anyway)


  1. is there a starbucks or second cup near by? cuz you can usually get a nice speciality coffee that is dairy free...

  2. Unfortunately, no. I picked up some syrup to make my own 'fancy' iced coffee so I hope that helps. And I remember seeing gluten-free dairy-free frozen donuts (or something) at Zehrs so I will check that out when I'm there next.