Friday, April 5, 2013

Out in the world

I shouldn't be allowed in the world on my own. But first, a back story.

A while ago I was visiting my grandmother and she offered me candied ginger. I was reluctant to accept her offer since we have very different taste in food. So, as a good family member, I waited until my mom had some. And both she and my grandmother raved about it. I figured my mom wouldn't lie to me, right?

No, not right. It was vile. I can't even describe how awful it was. I wanted to spray my mouth with Lysol and cut out my tongue. So you would think I would avoid ginger. Also, not right.

So one morning this week I decided to make the left-over pancakes. They ended up an especially clumpy mess and found themselves in the trash. I figured I would try out a new-to-me food place when I stopped at the bank. The place is known for vegan drinks and treats. I opted for a carrot ginger blend because I had blocked out the traumatic event described above. Now, I did hesitate, but I reasoned that my ginger molasses cookies (of my pre-ovo-veg days) are super yummy. And I wanted to try something different (or more honestly, I was overwhelmed by the choices and did not see the vegan options at first glance).

So I ordered it. And there is definitely ginger in it. I tried to choke back as much as I could since it is healthy, but I didn't get to the bottom of the cup.

After all of this, I still had grocery shopping to do. I had remembered my reusable bags and my quarter to release the grocery cart. Except it wouldn't release the cart! I figured I had a defective cart, so I moved on. And the same thing happened! I started thinking I was a grocery cart moron and just didn't know how these things work. But then an older guy came and was able to get one of the carts I was fighting with. He was kind enough to point out that I likely wasn't shoving the quarter in far/hard enough and he was right. Apparently I have the strength of over steamed broccoli.

Luckily, my husband had anticipated that I would struggle with doing groceries task solo and provided me with a very detailed grocery list. For example:
  • 2 L of 2% milk (in case I've forgotten what % he drinks)
  • Gingerale or rootbeer - or both         (Great decision make skills dear!)
  • Spaghetti sauce - NOT roasted red pepper (um, I'm the one that pointed out that it had a weird taste, but hey, extra clarification is nice)
  • 1 good big head of lettuce (because obviously I was going to purposely pick one rotting small head of lettuce)
There was one item that I didn't pick up. Partly because he didn't specify the brand or indicate if substitutions were acceptable. And partly because it's funny.

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