Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekly wrap-up

This blog post is taking forever because bunny-Naveen wants attention. She's throwing me off schedule completely so I need to pump this out before my husband pressures me into cleaning.

I've decided to do a weekly wrap-up to share some things that aren't recipes.

Pita sandwich with Yves Veggie Cuisine sandwich slices, kale, veggies and dressing. Yummy!

Pizza with garlicky kale

My husband's pizza (also called "why I'm going to outlive my spouse")

Productivity at work. Four rings on those ears. Beat that.
And in non-picture stuff:
  • A snow day in April? Awesome. A snow day in April without power? A freakin' waste.
  • Next week's food ideas: eggplant ratatouille and eggplant parmesan. I would also like to do chili but my husband wants to do stew and the outcome of the crockpot war is not yet determined.
And things I may check out some day:

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