Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekly wrap-up

Things have been crazy busy in the real world and I've needed to take some time to decompress....which meant less time in front of a computer screen since my regular routine just wasn't cutting it. Instead, I've been doing more reading and taking a bunch of walks (hello blister, you are a jerk).

A couple of work things resolved themselves so I'm feeling less likely to snap my crayons (as a dear friend says). This is a good thing because Mother Nature has rewarded us with days of non-stop rain followed by snow and ridiculously cold weather. I am not impressed.

Anyway, this is a non-post. Enjoy some pictures and random things thrown together.


(Some) Stuff I Ate:

Earlier this week, we had nice weather and had our first BBQ of the season. Cue veggie burgers and Big Mac Sauce! I use this recipe and now replace the mayo with Tofutti Sour Cream. I didn't notice a huge taste difference and my husband didn't complain, so I gather it was ok.

Eggplant Ratatouille with rice

Cinnamon raisin flatbread with tahini, maple syrup, and trail mix (so good!)

I also tried those roasted chickpea things but I don't think I had them in the oven long enough. At first they were crispy but then they turned mushy. I may or may not try these again. First, I need to brush up on decision making skills.


Food plan for the upcoming week:

  •  Chinese inspired cuisine
  • Chili (I won the crockpot wars this weekend)
  • Something on the BBQ (please cooperate Mother Nature)
  • Spaghetti squash spaghetti
  • And something I can't remember


In the rest of my life:

  • I finished reading The Bonesetter's Daughter (pretty good), Zoobiquity (interesting), and Unbearable Lightness (interesting).
  • I'm currently reading Night Road, and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking.
  • I've also added a few books to my to-read list, which just keeps growing: Breaking the Food Seduction, On the Island, and The Sandcastle Girls. I may never get to these since I have 90+ books on this list.
  • Tomorrow I'm making more muffins (they are handy to have in the freezer), chili, and No Bake Chocolate Macaroons.

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