Thursday, April 25, 2013


As I become more involved in the kitchen (compared to the 'olden days' of just asking what's for supper) I've been reviewing my kitchen tools. Early in, I bought a cast iron frying pan. It has been awesome. I love that thing. I've also recently added:

  • a garlic press (awesome)
  • an electric chopper (slightly more convenient)
  • a toaster oven (not getting tons of use, but hopefully this will increase over time)
We've also recently replaced our Keurig (I know, I know, I'm mean to the environment - even if I only use it a few times per week) and our BBQ (which my husband is struggling to put together).

While my husband was shopping for the BBQ, I checked out other kitchen stuff. I reigned myself in though, because I found I was drawn to impractical things. For example, "oh, look at that teeny crockpot. It's so cute!" and "Aww, look at the itty bitty frying pan. I could cook *part* of an egg!". I think I will hold off on purchases for a while.

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