Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

Ahh. Another week. I survived. It was a particularly bad week but I'm fortunate to be surrounded by some pretty awesome people. I have received tons of support for which I am extremely appreciative. Thanks guys. :)

(Some) Stuff I ate:

Grilled Veggie Pita from a local eatery

Amy's Pizza. My new favourite food
So good it deserves two pictures

I also had a gluten-free dairy-free donut thing, which was ok. Some day I will remember to take a picture and get brand info and all of that. Hang on to the edge of your seat. (I'm sure you are).

Stuff I Want to Eat

The plan this week is a bit up in the air. It's BBQ season with unpredictable weather. We didn't get to the spaghetti squash last week, so that's on the list. Unfortunately I didn't get around to baking or cooking much this weekend. I had hopes of making couscous salad (with bean sprouts and zucchini!) and banana bread. No such luck. For the rest of the week I plan to have:
  • Veggie dogs topped with grilled mushrooms and bean sprouts
  • Grilled veggie kabobs (eggplant, onion, zucchini, peppers)
  • Veggie burger with a newly purchased BBQ sauce, topped with grilled mushrooms, bean sprouts, and eggplant
  • Tofu souvlaki
  • The above mentioned spaghetti squash
  • Leftover Amy's pizza. I wish I had enough for every day.
I don't typically have so many meat-replacement items in my week. This was faulty planning.

In the Rest of my Life

  • I got adventurous in the grocery store and bought bean sprouts and icky zucchini. I plan to add both to pretty much everything....even though I'm pretty sure I don't like zuchinni. And I don't know that anything 'sprouts' should be eaten.
  • We had three cats hanging around our house. Not sure why, but they were here.
  • My husband stepped in rabbit pee and I almost died laughing. I literally laughed for fifteen minutes without a break. And then again for a few minutes when he finally let me into the bedroom.
  • I finished reading Night Road (it was ok, but wrapped up too nicely for my liking - I'm sadistic that way).
  • I'm still reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking.
  • I may start reading A Fraction of the Whole because a coworker recommended it after she saw I owned a copy of Let's Pretend it Never Happened.
  • I have a few new recipes on my radar (eggplant sandwiches, a new bean salad, and a chocolate-y chex mix thing) but they won't happen anytime soon
  • My bunnies are awesome (even the one not pictured)
Two kitties pictured
Behr (left), Zayne (right), Naveen (somewhere else)

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