Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bunny monsters

I have four rabbits. One is elderly, which requires quite a bit of care. I'm on a first name basis with the staff at our vet's office and probably personally fund all of their vacations. We were at the vet recently so Finley could get some pain management for her arthritis. The next day, we were at the pet store stocking up on supplies for our bunny monsters. Good-bye $70. Or more. I kind of stopped paying attention at check out because it's just too depressing.

Anyway, while we were at the cash, we bumped into someone from the vet's office, who coincidentally also works at the pet store. She told the other cashier that our rabbits are super spoiled and well-cared for. She said that she doesn't know of anyone who takes better care of their pets.

My first reaction was 'aww, thanks!' I do consider myself a pretty good bunny-mom so it's nice to hear that others think that too. But it also made me kind of sad that other bunnies aren't treated as well. For the most part, they make great pets (for the right people). Rabbits are interactive and affectionate little creatures. They each have their own little personalities.

As I typed this, bunny-Naveen was climbing all over me begging for cheek rubs. Then she nose-bonked my legs and later harassed my husband. She rewarded us with the pleasure of giving her attention, followed by her giving me a few licks, and then a demonstration of some bunny twitches (commonly known as binkies).

I just had to take a moment to appreciate the nature of bunnies. Down the road I plan to do a short profile on each rabbit so you get the full picture of how awesome they are (along with a smidgen of reality in regards to their care, mixed with a bit of an undertone of an obsessed bunny-parent).

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