Saturday, January 26, 2013

So, what's changed?

I am officially two months into this vegetarian thing and I can't say that much has changed with my decision to be vegetarian. Between a change to my diet and buying/using cruelty-free products, I am making choices that are aligned with my beliefs. But if you came into my home you will still find non-cruelty-free items and a fridge full of meat.

For one thing, I didn't throw out the un-used products because that is just wasteful. And even one year later it's still around. Windex lasts *forever* in our home (although maybe that's a clue that we should wash our windows and mirrors more or something!)

The other thing is that my values do not represent the entire household. My husband opted not to make all of my changes and really only agreed to switching to a few cruelty-free items. He's still a mega meat eater and cringes at the thought of changing his dish soap and laundry detergent. While I'd prefer he went along with my choices in this area, I can't fault him for living according to his values since he has been pretty accepting of mine.

One big change is that I am more likely to cook now. I've gone from cooking once a week to 2-3 times per week. I think my husband appreciates this. I'm also more likely to recognize my cravings and let him know if I want to do my own thing. And he's more likely to listen. This is a huge perk because now if I want breakfast at supper I don't have to hear a mini-lecture or snide comments about how that's not 'supper food'. I've noticed that by eating what I want, I'm less likely to eat junk. Win-win.

Ultimately, by living by my convictions, I'm feeling better about myself. I'm more confident with my choices and I'm just generally happier. Yay me. :)

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