Thursday, January 10, 2013

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Today my coworker commented that it looks like I've lost weight. Aww. Isn't she sweet? Especially if you ignore the fact that she slipped on ice and hit her head yesterday. She also mentioned that she's seeing double so I can't really trust her judgment (ok, she didn't tell me that last thing).

All kidding aside, it's nice compliment to receive. I do think she's off her rocker since we are not far off the holidays in which I gained a bit of weight. I have been tempted to check in with the scale, but have so far been sticking to my plan to check the scale once per month.

In veggie news, I ate some today. :) Nothing too far out of my comfort zone though. Before we go shopping next, I need to scan some recipes so we can stock up on supplies. And I need to scan with an open mind because when I tried last weekend, 99% of the recipes were ruled out for having 'gross' vegetables. I would say that's definitely an area in which to improve.

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