Saturday, January 19, 2013

House wife for a day

Anyone who knows me in-real-life knows that my husband is mostly awesome and does most of the household everything. So, today has been a bit of a wake-up call. He had mentioned yesterday morning that he might go skiing today. I thought 'great' and had grand plans to get my hair cut, do groceries (slightly begrudgingly), and then catch up on TV.

Then I learned that he wanted to take my car because it is so much nicer than his. And this changed all of my plans because I don't really want to go anywhere in his car. It's super dirty due to his field of work and it's a weather-depending death trap. On the plus side, the brakes work really well. Unlike my car.

Anyway, so that has left me housebound in a super messy house. I have cleaned the bunny room, groomed the bunnies who need a bit of extra help, washed dishes, started the chili (which I will post about later), and now I am working on laundry. My husband's laundry, which I think should get me extra points.

If I were a good house-wife, I'd also clean the bathroom and do general tidying. But this is an area in which I'm ok to be less than stellar.

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