Saturday, January 5, 2013

Changes in threes

1. I'm definitely not perfect so all of this is a work in progress. In my year using cruelty-free products, I have not yet found a deodorant/antiperspirant that I've liked. Thankfully, for some strange reason I was a deodorant hoarder and have had enough of the animal tested products to get me through most of the year. And then my kind-of-crunchy/granola sister gave me some organic stuff she made and it seems to be working well. I will need to get these details from her.

2. Something else I would like to change is the food I'm eating. It has been mostly easy this past month doing the vegetarian thing, but I honestly admit that I'm not a *healthy* vegetarian. I eat junk. So, I would like to change some of this (without going crazy). We're going grocery shopping in a bit and I plan to pick up a few staples (such as couscous, quinoa, trail mix, more fruit & veggies, and hummus). I've already got some tofu on hand. I'm hoping to cut down on the pasta but that could be challenging as it is one of those dishes that can easily be meat-lover (aka my husband) or vegetarian (myself).

Tonight we are having stuffed peppers. I may post the recipe later.

3. And lastly, I would like to introduce one vegan meal into my week. I'm not prepared to do the vegan thing 100%, but every little bit helps, right? I'm also not up for it *this* week but plan to hunt for some recipe ideas tomorrow, buy the ingredients next weekend, and figure it out from there.

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