Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stuff worth checking out

Hungry for Change: 

The general premise of this documentary is to encourage people to eat real food and to avoid unprocessed stuff. Overall, it was worth watching. It gave me a  new perspective on food and dieting. However, I also found that some of the ideas were a bit disjointed...sort of like it was trying to do too much and argue too many things. On the flip side, it was interesting to hear the different perspectives of the speakers.

One of the points that stood out the most to me was that when you are making a diet-change, it's important to focus on what you are adding in to your diet, not what you are missing out on. For me, it's just about being willing to try new things and being generally healthier. I've stopped dieting at this point and am paying more attention to meeting the needs of my cravings and addressing any compulsive eating. And the movie supports this by encouraging you to add in healthy things and to avoid emotional eating. I realize that this isn't the point of the entire documentary, but it is what jumps out at me.


This documentary looks into the challenges farmers and consumers face in regards to whole foods (such as raw milk) and how governments interfere. I found the documentary interesting, and slightly relevant since a local (to me) farmer is in court after selling raw milk in the area.

For whatever reason, I couldn't get the trailer to imbed, so you can check it out here.


This documentary follows three new vegans take a six week commitment to veganism. I enjoyed it overall, since it gave a face to the barriers in choosing veganism. I also found that it provided information in an accessible way.

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