Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daily life stuff

My husband makes life interesting. And infuriating. It's sort of like a 2-for-1 deal. Awesome.

Anyway, today we had a vet appointment scheduled for our elderly rabbit for a pain management injection. While we were going about our morning routine, he mentions that someone called to confirm an appointment but he couldn't remember if it was the vet or the dentist. He proceeds to play the message and I freak out because, according to the message, the appointment is in less than 30 minutes. The issue? We live 35 minutes away. I'm not dressed and Finley isn't ready to go. I race around trying to get ready. Meanwhile, he realizes that it was an old message and the appointment is in one hour (as I originally thought). Thanks dear. How about we start deleting the old messages?!

Fast forward a bit....I get back from the vet. I proceed to finish setting up the rabbit room and cannot find any rabbit towels (which we use to give them a nice squishy place to rest). I ask my husband and he went on a rant about how I left a full glass of water in the living room. Uh, what?

Apparently he knocked over the water and used all of the rabbit towels to clean it up. Correction. He used the rabbit towels to throw on top of the mess so later when I step in the area I end up with wet feet. Fantastic.

Next he decided to clean the bathtub. Great, right? Well, it would be if he didn't clog the drain in the process. Sort of like how he messed up the electrical outlets in an effort to fix them. But, he *did* fix the sliding door to the bathroom so it sort of all evens out....until I try to take a shower or use any outlet in the kitchen.

See what I mean? Interesting and infuriating. And sometimes kind of funny.

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