Sunday, January 6, 2013

Only my husband....

Only my husband would eat nachos with a fork. And then think that this is more practical than my (previous) days of eating chicken wings with two forks. At least that reduced the mess.

Only my husband would shovel a couple of inches of melting snow in order to get to his shed (which he calls a 'garage'). But we wouldn't want him having to wade through two whole inches of snow, would we? It was a good thing he was decked out with snow gear (hat, mitts, etc) because it took him all of two seconds...which is still two seconds longer than it would take me to toddle out there in my pjs and slippers.

Oh, right. This blog isn't supposed to be just me making fun of my partner, right? Well, there will be some of that mixed in here too. He makes me laugh every day (when he isn't busy being horribly annoying).

Back to the supposed topic of vegetarianism/cruelty-free living....I recently learned that my main make-up (Almay) has started testing on animals in order to sell to China (at least that's my understanding) so I need to find new make-up options. I've done a bit of research and realized that I've been spoiled with cheaper Almay prices. Eek. This may be painful.

And in food news, it's been a dull day. For supper my husband is having blech (uh, beef) stew and I plan to have some cereal and yogurt with a piece of fruit. Breakfast-suppers are my favourite lazy day supper. :)

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