Monday, January 14, 2013

OT: I didn't get peed on

In an effort to focus on positivity, the highlight of my day is that I didn't get peed on.

I tried to start my day by being super organized. I wanted to take my headphones to work so I would have them at my dentist appointment for after work. Good idea, eh? Except that I forgot my phone. Grr.

So, on my lunch I drove home to get the phone...which didn't leave me any time to eat the lunch I had packed. I figured I would just have it after work and before the dentist. And I was really looking forward to my super yummy leftovers. Except I worked late and didn't have time to eat. Boo.

Then my appointment took forever. I got home later than planned and had to medicate my elderly bunny....the same bunny who occasionally pees on me in this process. But today was not one of those occasions. So, the highlight of my day was that I didn't get peed on.

I think I need to review my standards.

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