Sunday, January 13, 2013


My sister gave me a really awesome knitting bag for Christmas. (It has all of these handy little pockets for my knitting projects). Anyway, she filled the pockets with different little treats. One such treat was a tin of her homemade deodorant. I'm pretty sure she'd given me some before but I don't know where it ended up and I probably didn't give it a fair chance.

(In my defense, that is unusual. I did listen to her about the salt-rock/crystal rock deodorant thing)

But this time I came to my senses and tried her gift. And I have to say it works pretty well. There was one day that I didn't feel as confident in it but that could have been because I didn't apply enough or just because it isn't an anti-perspirant so you will feel a bit damp. But you don't get smelly!

It's really easy to make too and it takes less time than hopping into the car and going to the store. Even if you live right above the store. And you may have the ingredients to make it already (at least I did).

Here it is:

Mix together 1/4 of cornstarch, a 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 5-6 tablespoons of coconut oil. Place in a sealed container. Voila! You are done.

In cooler temperatures it will be a solid mass and as it warms up with your body heat it gets a bit melty (you can see this a bit in the second icture). Because of that, it's not the neatest/easiest thing to apply but it's also not a huge deal either.

My sister says that she makes half the recipe because she stores it in small containers. I am lazy. I made it all and put it in a bigger container. Downside? As it gets empty it will be a pain in the ass to get out. Oh well. Lesson learned.

(The pictures are of the stuff from my sister just because it's a nicer container.)

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